Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dear Mascara Mavens,

Dear Mascara Mavens,

How to even begin?!  I want you to know how very special you are to me!  I have come to realize throughout the month of August that I do not 'do Younique' for commission, royalties or presenter status.  Honestly, August wasn't too great for me in any of those three areas.  However, somehow I had the most joy I've ever had with Younique over the past month!

Why?  YOU!

You are the reason that I 'do Younique'!  You are all the most wonderful group of women that I've had the privilege of ever working with!  I've found a sisterhood that I love, cherish and respect.  

Wherever you fall in this company, I want you to know that you can reach out to me for help, advice or honest truth.  Some are here because they wanted an awesome deal on a kit, some for a makeup discount (go discount!!), some are here for the sisterhood, some are here to change the lives of others, and some are here for the commission, royalties and lifestyle change.  Wherever you fall, I'm THRILLED to have you!

Remember that you can always find easy to navigate training at www.themascaramavensteamtraining.com

Let's enjoy each other and the ride this Fall!
Love you all huge!
Dia Sawyer

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Younique 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara Tutorial with Tips & Tricks

Younique 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara

Listen up, fiber lash lovers: We have enhanced the wildly popular Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes to make it even better than before! Introducing Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+.

Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%* with Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ enhanced formula, new brush, and fresh look. No wonder this enhanced, proprietary formula has two international patents pending. Hypoallergenic.

* Averaged results observed in independent laboratory testing (384.5 percent increase after one application; more than 2000 percent after three applications), compared against bare lashes.

Three simple steps to long, sexy lashes:
Apply an even coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes.
Immediately Apply Natural Fibers while Transplanting Gel is wet.
Seal the fibers with Transplanting Gel. 
Repeat until you've reached desired fullness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Branding is HUGE if you own your own business!  
It's what makes you stand out, 
makes people remember you AND what you do or sell, 
it's what makes you look professional.  

Most people who are just starting out with their business 
don't have a ton of money to fork out 
toward marketing and branding.  
Below you will find ideas for branding your business 
on the cheap!!

Before you choose a logo, think long and hard 
about what colors, font and design you go with.  
It is what you will use EVERYWHERE!  
Social Media Cover Photos, Business Cards, 
Blitz Cards, Apparel, Signs, 
Video Intro and Outros etc.

How to Get a Custom Logo, 
Video Intro or Outro for 5 bucks!
by Dia Sawyer

How to Add Your Custom Intro and Outro
to a Youtube Video
by Dia Sawyer

How to Edit Your Uploaded Youtube Video, 
Add a Description and Add Tags
by Dia Sawyer

Monday, August 17, 2015

Do's and Don'ts

Absolutely a MUST WATCH video!! 

Hot topics for social media based businesses. 

Learning the dos & Don'ts on social media. 

Learn how to increase your algorithm. 

Learn how to create your own brand. 

And thing your doing that hinder your business 

and you don't even know it.

by Britnie Kaplan

Friday, August 14, 2015


Listen to Haley's Call!!!
DIAL- (712)432-1202

CODE- 288157

REF# 14 


Mexico Business Opportunity
5 Minute Video
in Spanish

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


How to Join Younique
in German
5 Minute Video


3D Fiber Lash Mascara Tutorial 
in German
5 Minute Video


 Business Opportunity in Germany 
in English
20 Minute Video